Mobular’s proxy delivery products allow companies to deliver proxy materials in compliance with the SEC Notice and Access Final Rule. Clients retain website branding while providing a convenient reading platform for all users on all devices, complete with enhanced navigation features, including:

  • Print Basket, enabling the creation of a custom “print book” of selected materials
  • Easy reference bookmarking and enhanced navigation between documents or filings
  • SEARCH across all documents contained within the Notice & Access micro-site
  • Print by page, range, or document
  • Zoom in/out
  • Download of pdf files
  • Send to Investor
  • Table of Contents Navigation
  • Integrated designated “marketing calls to action” – For promotion of products & services

Notice & Access is integrated with required eFullfillment Options including forms for document selection, address input, and request submission. It’s important to note that Notice & Access is integrated with the online voting solution of your choice.

Branding, voting instructions, and the ability to request printed materials are integrated into your proxy notice, annual report, and proxy card. Voters can click through your voting site, enter their control number, and vote with ease.

Fund Proxy Material Hosting provides a way for fund companies to leverage Notice & Access delivery and incorporate video, voting instructions, and links to the voting service they choose to drive voter participation.