Transform PDF documents into interactive micro-sites.

  • Include corporate branding and website content
  • Combine video with reference material to better educate customers with your messaging
  • All related materials are hosted in a micro-site with:
    • All related documents
    • Click-through to marketing “calls-to-action”
    • Fast one-click global search across all documents

Micro-sites produced using the Mobular solution are:

  • Identical to paper versions of the material
  • Accessible for convenient viewing or printing
  • Accessed by browser – no software to download or install
  • Accessible from any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile

Mobular’s document micro-sites include metrics reporting to help you gain insight into how documents are being used. Metrics include information such as:

  • What documents are being accessed.
  • What pages are being viewed.
  • What is being searched for.
  • What is being searched for that is not in the document allowing you to know what the users are looking for.

The core of Mobular’s offering is the ease of creation and deployment of Mobular micro-sites. The Mobular Cloud is a suite of software that enables an upload of PDF content to create Mobular micro-sites within minutes. Training and production support are included to make sure your staff gets up to speed quickly and each site is created with ease.

For partners that do not have creative staff, Mobular offers Full Service Processing. Our staff will work alongside your staff to engage the client for requirements and content, then we will do all the work. Many partners will initially engage Mobular’s full service processing then transition to our SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) as project numbers increase and their production staff becomes familiar with our solutions.