e-Kits allow you to create a group of relevant Mobular documents in one micro-site, leveraging the search and navigation across multiple documents.

In this case, users can search for a term once and see results for all of the documents in the e-Kit without opening each individual document.

Mobular sites can include content such as videos, images, and messaging to provide a more creative experience that mimics your website. Plan Libraries allow you to bundle notices, plan information, and enrollment forms into a single e-Kit.

Mobular’s partners utilize the Mobular SaaS or full-service options to build and deploy their client’s e-Kits.

Inside the Mobular Cloud is the technology that drives creation of micro-sites. Mobular’s MAPS processing system creates e-Documents, e-Kits, and all of the corporate issuer solutions. Once templates and branding have been created, our partners simply upload PDF files to MAPS and receive a preview URL for Quality Assurance. This is as simple as it gets.