Mobular Technologies, LLC (Mobular) – www.mobular.com, a provider of web-based interactive software for shareholder and board communications, is excited to have reached its 16-year anniversary as a leading provider of innovative technology solutions.

Mobular was founded by a group of rocket scientists that had the vision to develop a web-based platform for personal, secure delivery of a variety of dynamic content, including extremely large PDF files, multimedia and other content that is difficult to deliver through email or other more common electronic delivery mechanisms.

“We are excited to celebrate 16 years as a technology company in one of the greatest technology cities in the world”, said Steve Crabb, General Manager of Mobular. “We would like to thank our partners and clients for the successes that Mobular has achieved in the past 16 years. The relationships we have built and maintained over the years have molded Mobular’s products into industry-leading solutions. We look forward to expanding the success of our clients and partners through new innovations and product offerings over the years to come.”


Mobular Technologies has been creating cost-effective, web-based solutions for over sixteen years and is a leader in innovative electronic communications for the Financial Services industry. The Mobular platform is a suite of integrated server and client technologies that work together to present and mobilize information, disparate documents, and relational databases in a secure environment. Hundreds of leading organizations depend on Mobular to deliver business-critical information in a more cost-effective, timely, and efficient manner. Mobular is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mediant Communications Inc.

For more information, contact sales@mobular.com.

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