Mobular Technologies Offers Enhanced Electronic Communication Platform for Web, Smart Phones, and Tablets

Mobular Technologies, Inc. (, based in Huntsville, Alabama, recently announced the release of its enhanced electronic communications eLibrarySM platform for financial institutions to efficiently and economically share information with their customers via the web, smart phones, and tablets. Mobular’s eLibrarySM Communications Platform streamlines the process of storing, managing, and delivering client information such as prospectuses, annual reports, XBRL filings, statements, investment plans, and other time sensitive client communications while integrating consent and preference administration, printing and fulfillment capabilities, EDGAR data mining, and using advanced electronic notification, publication, and utilization reporting. The eLibrarySM platform is also ideally suited for compliance with SEC electronic publication requirements.

Mobular’s eLibrarySM Platform helps further bridge the gap between online and print media with revolutionary electronic document management software that allows documents, or collections of documents to be stored in one central repository, and automatically published for access via web browsers, smart phones, and tablets devices. The eLibrarySM Platform allows for completely automated real-time web publishing, scheduled publication, and on-demand publication. Retirement and purge of documents and data can also be managed by the eLibrarySM Platform. Mobular’s eLibrarySM is designed to integrate easily with customer/investor profile databases so targeted messaging and dynamic versioning may be integrated into the email and/or the electronic document presentation. The eLibrarySM platform includes new document presentation capabilities that make information more accessible to shareholders than ever before. These presentation features include enhanced search, custom eBook creation for archiving/printing, and an enhanced navigation toolset.

The Mobular eLibrarySM Platform allows financial institutions to:

  • Rapidly distribute large-scale, searchable information, like annual reports, prospectuses, press releases, SEC XBRL filings, investment plans, and other financial documents
  • Aggregate, consolidate, and deliver searchable content from multiple documents to create personalized communications
  • Readily print and download only the specific desired content
  • Integrate eConsent profiles into customized shareholder communication packages for automatic print or electronic delivery
  • Integrate electronic, print-on-demand, and traditional print and mail fulfillment within one communication platform
  • Provide one central management repository for all client communication documents and facilitate the storage of documents once while enabling publication to multiple web locations
  • Provide a document management platform for automated document publication and retirement to multiple web locations
  • Provide integration for automated detection, selection, and publication from content repositories such as the SEC EDGAR database.

The Mobular eLibrarySM Platform also supports seamless integration of RSS feeds, audio, video and other integrated Web services such as “contact” and “request” systems.

About Mobular Technologies
Mobular Technologies provides innovative technologies for publishing and distributing information for the Financial Services and eCommerce markets. The Mobular platform is a suite of integrated server and client technologies that deliver digital and electronic communications, including Web content, PDF libraries, SEC (EDGAR) filings and other documents and information from databases. Hundreds of clients depend on Mobular to deliver business-critical information in a more cost-effective, timely, and efficient manner. For information, visit

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